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20 Spiritually Rich and Sexy
it and
feel it
as if you already have it in your life and invoke posi-
tive words that go hand in hand with this vision. Go for a walk
in a botanical garden and see for yourself what it looks, feels,
and smells like. Close your eyes and imagine you are enjoying
a wonderful day in your new back yard and discover how it
feels to have this sort of abundance. The more you realize the
richness you already have, the more quickly richness on all lev-
els starts manifesting in your life. Know that nothing is impos-
sible and feel the peace that faith provides. Visualize and allow
yourself the luxury of believing that all you’ve ever wanted has
already entered your life and be grateful for these gifts now.
The question now becomes, do you feel worthy of this life
you have scripted?
You Hold the Keys
Have you ever caught yourself thinking that only certain
people are destined to have a life of abundance? The only real
difference between abundant people and you isn’t that they
have money and you don’t. It’s simply that they believe in an
abundant universe, as opposed to lack and limitation. They be-
lieve that money is plentiful and infinite, instead of scarce and
hard to come by. These are people who immerse themselves in
the positive energy flow of money and have learned to master
their positive thoughts, clearly understanding that abundance
is their birthright. They have no fear-based emotions about
prosperity that hold them back from living lavishly.
I want to clarify that I am not saying that money and
material success make you happy. Quite the contrary, I am
saying that if you get in touch with your inner guidance, you
will find what it is that equates to success for
and fills