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Pamela Jo McQuade 19
your only focus should be to fill your book with all things that
represent who you desire to be and what vision for your life
you hold deep within. Do not allow your ego to step into this
process and tell you all of this is impossible or crazy, because
believe me, you will have plenty of naysayers offering this kind
of unsolicited advice. I can tell you from personal experience
that the act of picturing all that you desire in a book or on a
poster that you can view daily will help train your mind posi-
tively, so that doors will open in ways you never imagined pos-
sible. You are quite simply going to take a second chance at life
and sculpt the life and person that you desire to be from this
point forward. Leave the past in the past. This process will help
train your mind to continually focus on what you desire, right
now, in this snapshot in time.
Through positive affirmations, loving emotions, and ele-
vated thinking, your reality will start shifting toward what you
desire. Once you have your scrapbook decorated to your spec-
ifications, put it in a place where you spend a lot of time, so you
will see it as often as possible. Through this process, you can
train your mind to focus on what you do want in your life, as
opposed to what you don’t want. We need a process like this,
because when life goes sideways, we have been conditioned
to think of the negatives, rather than the positives. This work
will help prepare you for situations that get your mind running
rampant through the gutters of your inner city, right down into
the storm sewer. When this happens, remember your scrap-
book and start visualizing your peaceful cobblestone street,
lined with flowers. I mean really, what purpose is sewer trash
serving in your life?
For faster results, don’t just look at these pictures, but
start visualizing yourself living that life today, right now. View