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18 Spiritually Rich and Sexy
you can then start creating your own unique scrapbook. You
now get to put your creative energy to use by cutting, collag-
ing, and personalizing this vision. The beauty of this process
is that you can continually add to or delete pictures, as your
thoughts become clearer.
Dare to dream and feel free in this process. Allowme to get
you started, by giving you a brief peek into my personal board.
The story goes, that when my husband came home from work
one day and walked into our closet, he took one look at my
life-scripting boards, and all of the blood drained out of his
face. To this day, he still gets that glazed-over stare when he
views them. If I’ve heard it once, I have heard it a thousand
times, “Pamela, I think you are going through a mid-life cri-
sis.” Men….Go figure! (Actually, I think he gets a little chuckle
from observing the power of my creative imagination.)
Children, on the other hand, seem to get it. This really
hits home when my four-year-old says, “Mommy, are you the
princess who lives in that castle on the board?” I ask you, dear
reader, how can a little guy be so astute about this process and
a grown man not figure it out? It makes perfect sense to me
why a child understands this. Children have no limitations to
what they think is possible. They have no boundaries, and they
are in the creative process every day. We would be wise to open
our ears and eyes and listen to the little ones who still believe
in fairytale castles and princesses.
I am not saying that your scrapbook should be filled with
castles, but it is an excellent symbol of inner richness, so if the
shoe fits…. What I am pointing out is that you should be ab-
solutely open-minded and fearless in this process. Do not let
the “hows” hold you back. It is not for you to figure out right
you are going to achieve these desires. Right now,