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Pamela Jo McQuade 17
In order to shift your life toward the positive, you will need to
open your heart and soul, get out of your rational mind and
try some new things. You will need to confront your fears and
doubts, change your thoughts, release blockages and nega-
tive beliefs, heal past pain and allow “I forgive” to be your new
motto in life. It may or may not be easy, but the rewards on
the journey will be well worth your efforts. If I can realize my
dream, you can too, and I share my story to give you inspira-
tion and hope for a richer life that surely lies ahead. It is your
divine responsibility to live your life in synch with your great-
est vision. Make no mistake about that.
Now that you are appropriately fired up and ready to be-
come CEO and master sculptor of your life, I want to say that
handcrafting your own scrapbook can be as simple or as elabo-
rate as you want it to be. It is the thought process and the act
of getting very clear in your mind about what you desire that
is truly important. This is how I recommend you get started.
Go out and buy a large variety of different magazines that ap-
peal to you in some way. You will also need a poster board or
large picture book, tape, scissors, and glue. You can either put
your pictures on a poster board for a wall hanging or assemble
them in a photo book that you can keep handy to review. It
makes no difference; just do what feels right to you. Once you
have all of the necessary equipment, start perusing all of your
beautiful magazines. Cut out every single picture or word that
appeals to you in some way. I want to emphasize that you are
looking for pictures of items that evoke a strong uplifting emo-
tion in you. Look for illustrations of what you’d like your life
to look like, in the categories of work, family, fun, spiritual-
ity, friendships, etc. Once you have collected the appropriate
photos, depicting a wide array of visions for the life you desire,