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16 Spiritually Rich and Sexy
Moreover, if anyone might have suggested that my higher vi-
sion was to bring spirituality into the mainstream, I would
have simply chalked it up to way too many martinis for lunch.
Today I know that, as a spiritually sexy woman (one who has
found such freedom at a soul level and an inner radiance so
bright, that she feels beautiful and sexy no matter what), I can
make my dreams come true.
My husband would tell me repeatedly that if my dream
did come about, I would be one in a million, but I didn’t buy it.
With the divine DNA that is coded into our very being, we are
all graced with the gifts we need to succeed and rise-up to our
highest calling. Some people hold on to the belief that “if you
can’t see it, taste it or touch it, it doesn’t exist.” In my husband’s
view, my plan wasn’t a hop off the lily pad, but a jump off the
cliff. He couldn’t see that I was buckled in and protected, but
indeed I was, and here I am, on the other side of the abyss,
refreshed, happy and knowing abundance.
HadInot listenedtoandfollowedmy inner voiceand jumped
across the chasmin faith, Iwouldmost likely be stuck in a rut, feel-
ing this was my “lot in life,” with no options on the horizon.
Setting Your Destination
If you hold to the belief that your life has become a struggle for
survival, then that’s the way it will be. But
I have a news flash for
You can absolutely live a life filled with happiness, peace
and joy. You can earn a prosperous living by doing what gives
you a sense of fulfillment. You can have fun. You can have all
of this, with joyful ease. But you cannot achieve any of this, if
you don’t believe it’s possible and aren’t willing to put forth
the time and energy required to make some needed changes.