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Pamela Jo McQuade 15
But push forward you must, if you desire a more fulfilling life.
I am not going to lie, this was no easy undertaking, I had
to make some major financial adjustments to make this dream
a reality, and some were way out of my comfort zone. I had
to find various part-time jobs along the way, say goodbye to
Nordstrom and hello to Target, and put the brakes on decorat-
ing my new palace. MasterCard became my long-lost friend
yet again. I quit a job with a six-figure income to acquire a six-
figure debt load that had my husband and me up most nights
wondering where our mortgage payment would come from.
At first, it certainly appeared that I had made a poor
choice, but we made it through, and major shifts started occur-
ring in the right direction. I began to give energy attunements,
speak, write, coach clients and care for my family, while my
husband somehowmanaged to keep us afloat financially. I was
working about four different jobs at one point, but I held on
tightly to my faith and vision, and the doors just kept opening.
I am now living my dream of being an author, energy consul-
tant and spiritual teacher. I help people get in touch with their
own inner guidance. I educate others in the art of opening up
to their spirit and voice, so that they, too, can uncover their
life’s highest potential. My passion lies in teaching others how
to be led by Spirit, so that they may then lead the way. When
you open up and let your spirit shine, it will direct you to the
perfect people, places, and opportunities that will bring you in
alignment to your higher vision.
I am living proof of this perfect enfoldment into the flow
of all that is good. Long ago, when I moved from Iowa to Dal-
las, I had no clue that I was a spiritually sexy woman, and I
certainly didn’t have the background considered necessary to
become an author, energy consultant, and spiritual teacher.