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14 Spiritually Rich and Sexy
dreams. Then, as simple as that, it all clicked in my mind and
heart. The miracle is not just that I had the idea for this book
incubating inmy journal the entire time I was trying to “figure it
out,” but the fact that it came to fruition at all.
Not wanting to waste another second, I quit my banking
job and began get attuned to the words of Spirit for the first
time in my life. It was empowering and rejuvenating, but it did
not come with total ease and a whole lot of support. Perplexed
by the financial lurch I had leftmy family inmy husband attrib-
uted it to a mid-life crisis and strongly encouraged me to find
another corporate job. On top of this, everyone around me at
that time thought I had lost it and “taken this spiritual stuff
way too far.” I mean, who quits a job with a six-figure income,
lucrative stock options, excellent benefits, and a flex-schedule
to follow divine messages?
We had just moved into a much larger house, had two little
boys in private daycare, and I put this all at risk to heed the call
of spirit? Yes, I did, and I am forever grateful that I had the cour-
age and perseverance to see it through. It is hard to explain, but
something kept telling me that it would all work out perfectly.
Furthermore, I felt deep inside that I had to allow myself this
opportunity to go for it. I knew that I could always go back to
banking, if for some reason it didn’t work out. That was my
escape plan if I needed it, but I never believed I would. I de-
served an opportunity to turn my vision into reality and
so do
I now understand that the voice of Spirit is not always logi-
cal and sometimes may seem a bit irrational, but that doesn’t
mean that it’s not right. If you can open up and learn to hear
the promptings of your spirit, it will lead you to your highest
good, I realize it takes courage to do this, because oftentimes
the guidance that comes goes against your reasoning capacities.