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Pamela Jo McQuade 13
respected in the company, but as destiny would have it, some-
thing within me drastically changed, about eight years into it.
It was most definitely my spirit’s way of nudging me to awaken
to my true purpose. I suddenly went from being successful to
miserable, overnight. I dreaded going to work. Furthermore,
I was no longer open to the idea of being promoted and was
rejecting lucrative offers. I was having a hard time putting my
finger on it, but inside my heart, I knew that I was not doing
my life’s work. It didn’t take long before the nudge turned into
a jab, which was starting to leave my ribs sore. My feeling was
that I was wasting my life, and I was being prompted not to
delay another day. It was time for me to make changes, but to
what, I had no idea. It took me two years of this misery and
bruised ribs from all that jabbing for me to figure it out.
I knew I wanted to help empower women, but did not know
where to start. I was clear that I should be speaking, but I did not
have a venue. Through a lot of soul searching, learning, healing,
and reading, the light started to shine. The light then morphed
into a
, after several consultations with my spiritual advi-
sors and energy healers.The topic of journaling andwriting kept
coming to the forefront, but at the time, I could not fathom the
thought of becoming a writer. I kept wondering, what would I
write about? As Spirit would have it, when the time is right, the
understanding comes. I will never forget my “A-HA” moment.
I was driving down the tollway and had an enormous break-
through. Right there in the middle of early-morning Dallas traf-
fic, I felt the illumination. This green light instructed me that I
was supposed to help people by teaching, writing, and healing.
More specifically, I was to educate others as to how I awakened
my spirit and raisedmy consciousness, so that they could do the
same. This way, I could empower them to live the life of their