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12 Spiritually Rich and Sexy
job well done, so this hit me out of left field, like a renegade
Eau de Parfum bomb. Wow, what a wake up call! Back
to the retail stores I went, still reeking of the lobbied and very
-ous, Molotov cocktail. Seriously, I cannot tell you how
utterly thrilled I was to be making my monthly rent payment,
though I was so burned out I felt like an overcooked leg of
lamb roasting on a spit.
Finally, after about a year of my new assistant-management
job for an upscale clothing boutique, I caught a break. I was
offered a job at a very large financial institution, to manage a
bank. I couldn’t believe my luck! Finally, a job that not only
paid much better, but a job that offered most holidays off. This
particular corporation didn’t seem to care that I didn’t have a
clue how to lend money, invest money, or advise anyone about
financial decisions. All that mattered was that I had manage-
ment experience. They vowed to mold me into the poised
banker that I would eventually become. I still laugh about how
desperate we both must have been to have taken a chance like
this. They desperately needed the help, and I was like a starving
little girl being offered a private tea party. Of course, I was not
about to ruinmy party dresswith a nasty stain, so I workedhard.
Fortunately for me, I took to banking like a girl to diamonds
and ended up being pretty good at it. In my ten years with this
company, I moved up the ranks to vice president, received my
financial licenses, went on many sponsored company trips for
top performers, and received various other corporate awards.
Even through the many successes, deep down inside I did
not fit the role of corporate banker. In fact, during that time in
my life, I could not tell you what I was suppose to be doing at
all. My focus was on accumulating, not on heeding the mes-
sages Spirit was sending. I was good at my job, and I was well