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Pamela Jo McQuade 11
of body, mind, and soul is the most spectacular place you can
ever be. It is peaceful, blissful, and the very place that will draw
you toward living life with ease and grace. The journey toward
freedom can be challenging, but one well worth the trip.
My Bumpy Road to Self-Discovery
My story starts down a country road. Born and raised in a small
town in Iowa, I had just graduated from college. I was heading
off to the big city of Dallas, Texas to work for a national retail
department store, as an intern in their merchandise-buying pro-
gram. For me, this was my ticket out of Iowa and on to a more
exciting life. I drove in my customary
singing a Van Halen song,
Best of Both Worlds
, all the way down
to Texas. Little did I know that I was heading straight toward
the beginning of years filled with heart-wrenching agony, which
would leave me like a wounded child on the battlefield of life.
I am the first to admit that I stumbled through my retail-
ing days—or maybe limped would be a more accurate word,
given my fetish for high heels. I am going to further disclose
that some days I even crawled, through stressful days of man-
aging the
highly competitive
cosmetics and fragrance depart-
ments for retail USA. After nearly dropping dead from the
exhaustion of six-day work weeks, twelve-hour days, and little
to no vacation time, I finally moved on to what I thought was
a more suitable job. I accepted the position of Account Execu-
tive for an exclusive cosmetics company. At the time, these
jobs were highly sought after, and I felt very fortunate to land
the position. Just as I was feeling sure-footed enough to praise
my good fortune in finding my dream job,
I was fired
. Up until
this point, there had been only compliments and praise for a