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10 Spiritually Rich and Sexy
your highest potential. For the first time—maybe ever—allow
yourself the luxury of thinking about what you want each area
of your life to look and feel like.
My wish is that you be as passionate as I am about ascend-
ing the steps, opening the doorway to your castle and entering
your kingdom, so that youmay realize your picture-perfect life.
Dreaming big means stretching the limits of your thoughts,
further than they would normally go. For once, throw your
inhibitions to the wind, just as you would if you decided to
go skinny-dipping. Only you don’t need to keep looking over
your shoulder in fear that the posse will ride in on their horses
and catch you naked as a jaybird. I am guessing you feel as if
much of what you are thinking about would be impossible—
and indeed it may be, if you are going it alone. But I assure
you that you have divine support at your disposal, and all you
need to do is ask for it. Know that if you believe in yourself, all
things are possible. Every time I see or hear of an astonishing
happening in my life or others, I think:
This is what God can do
It always makes my heart sing with joy. I am very certain that
everything is possible, especially if you start changing your
thought patterns and gaining control of your emotions and
actions. Miracles and magical moments should happen to us
every day, but for most people they don’t, because they don’t
understand the power they have to create their reality.
There is no task that is too big for God
. Therefore, there is
no task too big for you. In my case, the miracle was a complete
transformation of my life - as I knew it. My life has changed so
dramatically that I still findmyself in absolute awe of the beauty
and richness that continue to unfold. I have thrown off layers
of dead weight that held me back for years and years and have
risen higher, to an incredible place of freedom. True freedom