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Pamela Jo McQuade 9
as I know I have presented some pretty stunning news: In
you get to move
to the head of the line
. So many women
think that in putting themselves first, they are neglecting their
motherly or wifely duties. My question is: Who defined these
so-called duties anyway? Were they self-imposed, conditioned
from your upbringing, or forced upon you by your spouse? It’s
time to trade in the “old- clunker” thinking patterns of the past
and open up to a new model of thinking and living. I am most
telling you to neglect your kids, but to nurture
your spirit, so that you will be able to give back to your chil-
dren and family more than ever before. I challenge you to be
brutally honest with yourself. Do you feel like you are fulfilling
your life’s purpose? Do you know what your purpose is? Do
you constantly get that feeling that there is something more
that you should be doing, but you don’t know what it is?
A scrapbook made for you and by you is going to help
you sort through some of these questions. But before getting
started with this process, I want you to let your imagination
run wild and think BIG with this project. I am talking “Live
Your Best Life,” Oprah big. You will be cutting out pictures and
designing and scripting your life, as you desire it to be. I know
that for some of you, this is going to be a trip into uncharted
territory, because so many of you do so little for yourselves.
This is your architectural project, and you are the master
builder who is free to create anything you want. The process
does not have to be a trip to the North Pole, complete with
icebergs and blistering weather, (unless you secretly desire
living the life of an Eskimo, that is.) This should be an excit-
ing and fun adventure, something to look forward to and be
appreciated. You are the princess preparing for the gala, and
your castle is representative of your perfect life and fulfilling