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Pamela Jo McQuade 7
a hero and place that oxygen mask on your beloved’s face first?
Well, there are many probable endings to that story, but trust
me - a happy ending it is not!
If this is you, mark my words. I can attest to the fact that if
you do not start heeding the call of your inner voice, you may
never get the chance to put on your spiritual oxygen mask and
save your inner life. If you need another metaphor, you might
compare yourself to a car that’s been running on fumes and
finally sputters to a stop. You will recognize this breakdown,
because you will find yourself on the floor gasping for air. All
kidding—and all metaphors—aside, you will become sick,
too tired to get out of bed, depressed, unhappy, anxious, or as
explosive as a lit firecracker.
The call of unhappiness in any area of your life signals that
you are out of balance. To get back in balance, you must start
unraveling what it is that is causing tension, learn how to re-
lease and heal it, and move forward along a different course.
Your job isn’t to be the perfect mom, but to be the perfect you.
You must uncover the desires your heart holds and invite them
into your life now, even if it is just small steps in the beginning.
It is imperative to spend some time getting to know your-
self and learning to love yourself, so your unique gifts can un-
fold like a beautiful rose, opening one petal at a time. Many
women don’t do this because they feel guilty about taking time
away from their families. Guilt is a self-defeating emotion that
works wonders at breaking down and depleting your sense of
worth. If you don’t nourish the beauty within, I can tell you
that you are not truly living, and your heart will wither and die.
By forging ahead into the unknown terrain of your heart and
soul, you will give yourself and your family the biggest gift of
all: The gift of peace and harmony. So I plead with you, use the