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6 Spiritually Rich and Sexy
moment of her child’s life and spends the wee hours of the
evening creating museum-quality scrapbooks. She is a mighty
scrapbook warrior, cutting and pasting every athletic event, art
project, vacation, and homecoming dance her children ever
participated in, and then some.
Hopefully, this wonder-mom type I’m describing is do-
ing all this because these activities fill her heart with unbridled
joy. She has discovered her purpose, and the energy expended
doesn’t equate to work in her mind, but pleasure. The joy
comes from doing what fills her heart with joy—in this case,
being a highly involved and engaged mother.
Now, don’t be fooled. You may see many moms who ap-
pear to have idyllic lives, while inside, they feel as if they are
drowning. The story gets lonely when, amidst this “collag-
ing” frenzy, women don’t stop to ask themselves what their
true passion really is. They may be fulfilling their own unique
purpose, realizing their own destiny—or they may be going
through the motions, while their true dreams and desires are
hidden elsewhere. I very rarely meet a lady who has created a
scrapbook for her Self.
So, while you may feel somehow “less than” as you watch
Wonder Mom work miracles, the epitome of the perfect par-
ent may not be who you are supposed to be. Your job is to
find your unique purpose, not copy what you see others do-
ing. The problem is that most people have no clue what their
true purpose is and what fills their heart with joy. They make
the mistake of trying to keep everyone else afloat, without first
putting on their own life preservers. Think about it, there is a
reason why the airlines instruct passengers to put the oxygen
mask on yourself BEFORE assisting your child or anyone else.
I mean, consider how the movie ends, when you decide to be