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Pamela Jo McQuade 5
the dreams hidden in your soul that push you forward toward
the life you are meant to live. If there was ever a way to concep-
tualize the benefits of a personal-enrichment plan, it would be
imagining the very moment you are stepping into the sports
car of your dreams. I mean really, who would want that experi-
ence to end? Can you see yourself taking a gentle, relaxing trip
across the countryside of southern France or an exciting ad-
venture on an African safari? You are in charge of your journey.
Claim your golden birthright of abundance and direct the car
toward the road that will lead you to freedom.
Are You on the Golden Path?
The problem is that most women don’t take any time for their
Self, let alone embark on a journey to discover the hidden trea-
sures within. For many women, time is like a cherry pie, sliced
up and given out generously, only to come up short as they
look at their own empty plates. This cannot remain the status
quo. In fact, it must not. It is up to you to take time to peer into
the crystal ball and uncover your true longings and desires.
I am sure you have met women who were so completely
caught up in the joys of parenting that, in comparison, you felt
as if you were failing your childrenmiserably.The replica of the
“perfect” mom is one who exists on five hours of sleep a night
and is up at 5:00 a.m., polished to perfection. There are pan-
cakes on the table every morning, freshly baked cookies ready
after school, clothes neatly pressed, a well-balanced meal on
the table every night. This modern day wonder woman is lov-
ing, caring, nurturing, and never has a lock of hair out of place.
Imagine, all this without a nanny on contract! Furthermore,
this modern-day June Cleaver digitally captures every single