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4 Spiritually Rich and Sexy
have more fun. I now recognize my true divine heritage and
subscribe, without reservation, to the belief that
I am worth ev-
. When an astonishing event occurs in my life, I think,
“Yes, this is what God can do,” as I smile in delight and in awe
of the beauty that surrounds me.
Do you really think that you don’t rank highly enough in
pedigree to deserve a life of peace, happiness, and abundance?
Let me share with you the
real secret
that seems to have been
overlooked in today’s culture: You (as is the case with all living
beings) are made of divine DNA. You’ve just not recognized
it, because it has been lying dormant within you for so long.
Fortunately, although the luster and brilliance of this truth has
been overlooked, it has by no means been lost.
I understand this better than anyone. In my earlier days,
you could find me in the bars and at the parties, riding the
high tides of a vodka tonic, sloe gin fizz, or Captain Morgan
and Coke. If I wasn’t closing the place down, it was closing me
down. You could find me strung out and puking in the ditches
off the old country roads where I lived. “Party ’til you puke”
was the life I lived for many years. It was very avant-garde to
be the party girl, or so I thought. Some got stoned, some gam-
bled, some got laid, I got drunk. It doesn’t matter what poison
you pick in your life, if done in the presence of fear and lack of
love, it becomes significantly deadlier. I finally woke up and
realized that a pauper never finds her way to her castle. Do you
knowwhy? Because paupers live on the other side of the tracks
in the gutters of hell, where the streetlights are dimly lit. They
are too drunk, stoned, or poor to find the way home.
I began to understand that the way out of this inner hell I
had been living for so long was to envision what type of life I
truly desired. To imagine your highest potential is to discover