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Chapter One
Your Chariot Awaits
As you wipe the final traces of morning sleep from your eyes,
you still can’t believe the dream you were having. Now awake,
you think your eyes are deceiving you, because in your drive-
way glistens a brand-new, pearly-white luxury sedan. You sud-
denly realize you weren’t dreaming at all. This is real! A chauf-
feur holds the door open and awaits your instructions. He has
been guided to take you anywhere you wish to go. You are in
complete shock, thinking, “This can’t possibly be happening
to me!” After all, you’ve never won anything in your life; this
must be a mistake. At the same time, there’s a small part of
you that holds a ray of hope in your heart—but, alas, “reason”
prevails. You have done
to deserve this luck or luxury
in your life. You drive an old clunker, and that’s that. So you do
what you must, drag yourself outside and tell the driver he has
the wrong house.
Your Choice: Dead End or Super Highway?
I, too, once believed I was unworthy of anything good, but
long gone are my days of settling for “clunkers”: cheating hus-
bands, backstabbing co-workers, and those ridiculous plati-
num highlights I got under the delusion that blondes really do