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What Not to Say to a Cancer Patient
busily engaged in my life and in the treatment of my disease.
I have no medical background, and a fear of needles, blood,
and anything that even
hints of pain. My only previous inter-
actions with the medical community were of the normal vari-
ety save the recovery from a car accident. My chosen career
has been high-end sales in both the high-tech industry with
IBM and as an investment advisor to high-net-worth individu-
als. I love people and cherish my life.
My hope is that what I have learned through this experi-
ence, and what I have observed or learned in conversation
with others battling cancer, will provide some effective coping
mechanisms for those with cancer or for those closely or
loosely associated with the disease who want to help. I simply
want to provide some ideas and strategies that have been
effective for me and for the people who support me.
To the person afflicted with cancer, this book seeks to
provide strategies and resources to help you turn the people
around you into a supportive network instead of a drain on
your precious reserves. To those of you with someone in your
life who has been diagnosed with cancer, the book seeks to
help you understand the perspective of your friend or family
member. Well-intentioned remarks can be frequently hurtful
or inappropriate. This book illustrates what you should not