Page 11 - What Not to Say to a Cancer Patient

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What Not to Say to a Cancer Patient
of mind and give suggestions for how you can best support
them. These conversations are preceded by the “N” icon.
And to the amazing providers of medical care surround-
ing cancer, I would like to give some suggestions from the
patient’s point of view about how to improve your skills, mon-
itor your presence, and provide a smoother path for those you
have given your life to assist. Look for the “M” icon.
While everyone’s situation is individual, I will use per-
sonal examples throughout the book. These are my experi-
ences, and my suggestions come from that experience as well
as from the observations of other cancer survivors around me
and the conversations that I have had with them. I would like
to emphasize that there are many successes. While there may
be bad outcomes, there are also a great many good ones.
The journey all starts with a conversation.