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Welcome to our conversation. We’re not sitting in the
same room with you. That’s true. Nevertheless, through
the pages of this little book, we—you and us—will
engage in a conversation. We’ll be presenting our
thoughts, through the words on the page. And you will
be the other side of the conversation, through the same
This is a book about relationships. It presents a
program that is easy to use and will help make your
relationships more successful. We focus here on the
marriage relationship. However, the program, with only
minor adjustments will work with any relationship, in-
cluding long-term friendships and business relationships.
We’ll take you through the process of exactly how
we saw the need for something new and special to help us
make our newmarriage successful. Thenwe’ll take you
through—step-by-step—howwe went about creating it.
Peoplewant andneed relationships.We, quite literally, can-
not livewithout them.We enter into, and continue, rela-
tionships every day—we havemarriages, love relationships,
business relationships, friendships, social interactions.
The most personally demanding and simultane-
ously the most rewarding relationship is marriage, or a
long-term love relationship.
I Do … Again
The Renewable Relationship