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Handling Conflicts:
Working with Risks and Opportunities
We live in a world of words and ideas; and of symbols for
words and ideas. The pages of full-page graphics, which
separate themajor sections of your book, show the symbol
for the word ‘Crisis” or “Conflict’’ repeated in varying sizes,
because conflicts and challenges come in varying sizes. The
symbols form the shape of a large “X” to further represent
the idea of a crossroad or an intersection.
As youcansee, the symbol ismadeupof twoother
words.The twootherwords are: “Wei” (pronounced“way”)
whichmeans “danger”or “risk” and“Ji” (pronounced“gee”)
whichmeans “opportunity”or “possibility”or “expectation.”
All situations in life have built into them some
balance between risk and expectation or opportunity. This
symbol encourages us to be open to look for the possible op-
portunities in any conflict or challenging situation.
The idea here is not about being a Polly Anna and
trying to artificially put a rosy glow on real problems. It’s
about seeing both— the risk and the opportunity—at
the same time. It’s about not being overwhelmed by the
problems and the bad feelings that always come with them.
AND it’s not about being lulled into a false comfort by
denying the risk and trying to focus on some tiny, imagi-
nary bright spot.
Conflicts and challenges come up in all relation-
ships. With conscious attention and using a few tools, in
an atmosphere of love and caring for each other, we can
pass through the challenges. You and your partner and
your relationship will grow and be stronger.
©Symbol and text Gerald Wil Rafferty, Ph.D., 2013