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I Do … Again
using band-aids on gunshot wounds. We do not recom-
mend making minor adjustments, playing at self-help
psychology, doing some parlor-game exercise that gets
you through an argument and gets you into bed again
for one more night of “now everything will be OK.” If
your relationship is already suffering from major is-
sues, what we discuss in the book as “core issues,” we
strongly suggest therapeutic intervention. We consider
core issues to be problems such as long-term or repeated
infidelity, alcohol or other drug abuse, deep differences
in sexuality. There may be other core issues, depending
on the couple.
This book presents an excellent tool to help you
uncover, discover, and define your core issues, if you
have any. If there are major conflicts, we suggest you get
the in-depth therapeutic help that can be found in the
office of a trained and experienced counselor.
We have found that for most couples difficulties
core issues can actually be avoided if they work at keep-
ing alive the love and openness and flowing communi-
cation that brought them together in the first place.
This book and the program it presents can and
will help you do just that.