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I Do … Again
are little side journeys you might like to take. It lets you
know if that promising left turn you took last week was
in retrospect a wrong turn, and gives you the informa-
tion you need to get back on course. A handy field tool
kit gives you the resources you need to get through some
minor difficulty—some problem big enough to stall
your trip but small enough for in-the- field, on-the-move
Should you encounter some major breakdown or
accident along your journey your best action would be
to get to a major diagnostic center for an in-depth evalu-
ation and prescription for major repair work.
This program is for people who are clearly and
completely committed to each other, who are in love
with each other and want tools that can help them stay
that way. It will help you, as these ideas have helped
thousands of others, to communicate better with your
partner. But the basic assumption is that both of you
want to communicate. It will help you to dissolve the
minor issues that come up for all of us in life, before
they gather and harden like crusty mussels on a whale’s
innocent hide and become the major issues that fatten
the casebooks of divorce courts. But the basic assump-
tion is that both of you want to pass through the minor
annoyances of life and stay focused on the love that
brought you together with your partner.
What the Book Is Not
We do not recommend acceptance of the unacceptable.
When there are major issues, this book is not intended
as a replacement for therapy. We do NOT recommend