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I Do … Again
 4. Anyone who FEARS relationships can’t work.
 5. Anyone who AVOIDS relationships because of
previous disappointments, bad experiences, or poor
parental models.
 6. Anyone who WANTS TO BE in a loving relation-
ship, not just in love.
 7. Anyone who FEARS commitment because they
fear that romance never lasts.
 8. Anyone with a romantic heart who WANTS TO
BE in a long-term ROMANTIC relationship.
 9. Anyone WILLING to honestly WORK for their
10. Anyone who is SKEPTICAL about romance but
DREAMS of it anyway.
A Field Guide. Not for Major Repairs
For just a few moments think of your life as a journey,
and your relationship is your vehicle.
Think of this book as a navigation guide, a com-
pass, a roadmap, and handy field tool kit.
A navigation guide helps you see your position in
relation to the stars. It’s the big picture, the broad view of
where you’d like your journey to end and the basic route
you’ve chosen to get there. A compass helps you to see
your direction at any moment. It let’s you know if you’re
exactly on course. And if you’re not, exactly how much
off course are you? And you can decide if that slight
variance is OK. Your compass tells you how much you
need to adjust to get back on course. A roadmap gives
you a detailed view of exactly where you are in relation
to everything else around you. It lets you know if there