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I Do … Again
see-sawing. It won’t matter how many counselors or
therapists they ask for guidance and advice while they
are desperately huffing and puffing and pumping their
legs in an effort to get the see-saw moving again. With-
out some cooperation from the partner, the prospects for
success are bleak.
Most books about relationships start with the
implicit assumption that one or both partners is wrong
in some way and must change or be changed for the
relationship to work.
We present a different view. We are firmly con-
vinced that people need to accept themselves for who
they are. And acceptance, true acceptance, is the key to
happy, healthy relationships.
Vive la Différence
We focus on accepting the wonderful differences that
attracted two people to each other in the first place.
All too often differences are seen as the source of the
problems between people. We see them as the source of
the attraction.
Who This Book Is For
 1. Anyone who is IN a relationship: Dating—Living
Together—Married—and wants the relationship to
be more than it is.
 2. Anyone who WANTS TO BE in a relationship that
 3. Anyone who has FAILED in a relationship and
wants to understand what went wrong and how to
not repeat the mistakes.