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I Do … Again
When we are feeling love for ourselves, and
projecting a loving presence to our partners in life, we
create romance and can renew it over and over again.
We see the relationship as a fully cooperative ex-
perience where both participants not only remain 100%
who they are but are encouraged to grow and become
everything they can be. We see the relationship as a
loving, protective environment within which two fully
realized human beings are not only allowed to exist but
are encouraged and supported in their life-long effort to
be all they can be.
Every relationship we know of (and we’ve treated
thousands of relationships over the years in our practice)
started out as a good relationship. Each partner was in
love. They saw only the good in each other. They were
convinced that, for them, marriage would hold only love
and happiness.
Start with “What’s Right—Not What’s Wrong
Most books about relationships look at what’s wrong
with the relationship and set about fixing it. We are
convinced that the very premise of looking for what’s
wrong and setting out to fix it is one of the root causes
for the problems of the relationship in the first place. All
too quickly, people begin to see what’s wrong with their
partner and try to fix it. They see what they consider
to be their partner’s faults and think, “If only he didn’t
do that, or if only she would start doing such and such,
everything would be just fine.”
Abraham Maslow turned the world of psychology
upside down when he decided to study healthy people-