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I Do … Again
ing oneself as a man or as a woman.” He goes on to dis-
cuss other needs such as the need for a private universe
as a refuge from the struggles of the world, and a need
to share excitement.
While there are other needs, this clarifies the im-
portance of having a way to keep this kind of romantic
relationship alive and fulfilling those needs.
Quote from Susan Jeffers.
Susan Jeffers wrote
Opening Our Hearts to Men
to teach women how to build their own base of empow-
erment so they could attract a healthy kind of love. She
discusses her own experiences in dating for years after
her divorce and her lessons from her first marriage.
Dr. Jeffers learned from all of her experiences
and we know that learning from experience is vital to
moving to new and sustainable relationships. Dr. Jeffers
did learn and grow from her early experiences, and for
many years has been in a romantic marriage with her
husband, Mark Shelmerdine.
How wonderful it is to have an ongoing method
for finding out on a regular basis those thoughts and
feelings that might otherwise not be expressed or ex-
pressed in anger and frustration.
We looked for unique ways to avoid these kinds of
reflections at the end of a relationship.We looked for ways
to keep our relationship alive, romantic and successful.
Dr. Jeffers in her Chapter on “Owning Our Mag-
nificence” says,
“It is about loving ourselves enough so that we can
project our loving presence onto all those around us.”