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I Do … Again
Love Works
Love relationships can work. And this is the first book to
offer concrete guidelines and proven, effective tech-
niques for making them work. This is not a Pollyanna
book that offers syrupy band-aids to quick-fix some of
the most heartbreaking misery people are likely to en-
dure in their search for happiness.
Our program goes beyond the view that males
and females are, by their nature and always will be, an-
tagonists. We do not see the relationship as a constantly
draining, haggling experience where partners are ex-
pected to compromise and give up half of who they are
to form a new entity called
the couple
. This brings up
the image of a fierce, mythological two-headed dragon
bound together at its loins with both of it’s heads sway-
ing and swinging and snapping, trying to inflict a mortal
bite to the other neck.
A New View of the Love Relationship
Quote from Nathaniel Branden:
The Psychology of Romantic Love
Branden discusses many aspects of romantic relation-
ships. He writes, “Romantic Love is a passionate,
spiritual-emotional-sexual attachment between a man
and a woman that reflects a high regard for the value of
each other’s person.” He discusses needs: “simple need
for companionship. There is the need to love, and to
admire. There is the need to be loved, and to feel visible.
There is the need of self-discovery. There is the need of
sexual fulfillment. There is the need of fully experienc-