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By Randy Falco
President and CEO
Univision Communications, Inc.
Are you bullish on the future? I know I am because I see the potential
of our future in our talented group of professionals and in the commu-
nity we serve at Univision. I see Hispanic professionals and leaders like
Latino Boom II author, Chiqui Cartagena, every day, individuals with
strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit, who are driving the
economic growth of our country. These individuals are why I know the
future of America is one of solid growth and prosperity. The Millennial
Generation, 85 million strong, will slowly replace the aging Boomers
and their incremental demand for a wide variety of goods, products,
and services will continue to make the United States the economic
engine of the world.
Just look at the Hispanic consumer who makes up more than 20 per-
cent of all millennials and who, as everyone already knows, is growing
faster than any other group in America with 50,000 Hispanics turning
eighteen every month. It is not just about the numbers; Hispanics are
making a positive impact on our country, contributing socially, politi-
cally, and economically. Take last year’s presidential election in which
Hispanics proved that they have the political clout to elect the next
president of the United States. One candidate ignored this, at his peril.
Business leaders need to realize that they, too, can no longer ignore the
Hispanic community or consider it a niche market. Whatever category