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This book would not have been possible without the input and help of
many, many people. First I must thank Jennifer Knight, who encour-
aged me to write the first
Latino Boom!
book and has patiently listened
to me talk about this market for the past fifteen years. Thanks must also
be given to my fearless leaders, Randy Falco and Ruth Gaviria, who not
only gave me the time to write this book, but who also encourage all
of us at Univision to spread our thought leadership about the Hispanic
consumer. Special thanks go to my colleagues in research, Elizabeth
Ellers, Debbie Shinneck, Belia Jimenez, Beth Bachrach, Myra Rivera-
Alvear, but most especially to Ingrid Carrete, who pored over seem-
ingly endless reams of data to create many of the charts in this book
and always kept me honest with the other data I quote. A huge debt of
gratitude goes to my good friends and colleagues Roberto Ruiz, Cynthia
Ashworth, Linda Ong, and Graciela Eleta, who so graciously contrib-
uted to the book.
My warmest thanks go to Monica Talan, Rosemary Mercedes, Joe
Del Grosso, Kathy Whitlock, Enedina Vega Amaez, Horacio Gavilan,
and Ronald Mendez, whose help, feedback, and comments made the
book much better. Much gratitude goes to Richard Zuluaga, who
designed numerous covers for this book.
Of course, I couldn’t have done any of this without the guidance of
my good friend and mentor, Fred Ciporen, my former agent, Alfredo
Santana, and my lawyer, Charles Knull. At Strauss Consultants, a huge
to Karen Strauss for believing in this book from the get-go
and guiding me each step of the way. But there aren’t enough words
in English or Spanish to thank the team at Worthy Shorts, especially