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P o r t r a i t o f L a t i n o U . S . A .
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Key Takeaways:
• Latinos are fueling the population growth of the United States
and are projected to reach 66 million by 2020.
• Mexicans account for 63 percent of all Latinos in the United
States followed by “other” Latin Americans at 24 percent, 9 per-
cent are Puerto Rican, and 4 percent are Cuban.
• California (14M), Texas (9.5M), Florida (4.2M), New York (3.4M),
Illinois (2M), Arizona (1.9M), New Jersey (1.5M), and Colorado
(1M) each have more than 1 million Latinos.
• 60 percent of Latinos are under the age of thirty-five and repre-
sent 20–25 percent of all age groups under thirty-five.
Figure 3.30
Geographic Distribution of Hispanic-Owned Businesses