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l a t i n o b o o m I I
and Hispanic culture in the U.S. Using data collected by EthniFacts
based on a 2011 national survey of Hispanic adults, Nielsen reported
the following trends:
• 37 percent of Hispanic adults who spoke English mostly when
they were young children indicated that they learned enough
Spanish to become bilingual at their present age. These bilingual
Hispanics have high rates of wanting to read, watch, and explore
more Spanish-language media channels in the next five years.
• Nine out of ten Hispanic parents and parents-to-be want their
children to be able to speak Spanish, even though they also want
them to become fluent in English.
• 51 percent of Hispanic adults say they speak to their closest
friend in Spanish or in both English and Spanish (24 percent).
These findings are in line with other recent studies about the impor-
tance of culture, even among the younger, more bilingual millennials.
According to
The Culture Connection, How Hispanic Identity Influ-
Figure 3.22