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P o r t r a i t o f L a t i n o U . S . A .
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lation is graying, over 65 percent of Latinos are under the age of 35, and
75 percent are under the age of 45. In fact, Latinos are growing faster
than the total population among all age groups, especially among kids
under the age of six, teens thirteen to seventeen, and adults thirty-five
to fifty-four, as you can see in Figure 3.13.
A different way of looking at these numbers is to look at the share
the Hispanic population represents in each age group (Figure 3.14).
What’s amazing about looking at the data this way is that you can
clearly see that, although Latinos overall represent 16 percent of the
total population, in every age group from birth through thirty-five
years of age, our share per age group is above 20 percent and in the
birth to five age group, we represent 25 percent already, according
Ad Age
’s 2012 Edition of the Hispanic Fact Pack, which analyzed
Bureau of the Census data from the 2010 American Community Sur-
vey (ACS).
In 2004, the big news demographically was that Hispanics had
surpassed African Americans as the largest minority group in the
country, several years ahead of when the census had predicted. As
Figure 3.13