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Millennial Generation will take center stage and become the backbone
of the American economy. And who is at the very heart of this new
American consumer? The Latino community. Did you know that Lati-
nos already make up 21 percent of the Millennial Generation? In fact,
29 percent of all Hispanics are millennials and researchers agree that
Latinos are among the leading trendsetters of this generation, creating
new trends from food to fashion.
On the political front, of course, Barack Obama became the first
black president of the United States of America in 2008 by harness-
ing grassroots support from a broad spectrum of Americans including
youth, Latinos, women, and even whites.
The 2012 presidential election proved to be a historic political year
for Latinos. As early as November 2011, David Alexrod, Obama’s chief
campaign strategist, opined that “there isn’t a swing state in the union
more important than the Latino community in the 2012 elections.”
Latinos became an integral part of the political conversation as media
coverage of the 2012 election swung into full gear, and campaigns com-
peted for the Hispanic vote. Indeed, as election-night ballots were tal-
lied, Mr. Axelrod’s prescient comment, which was also a key insight into
the campaign’s winning strategy, was proved true when, for the first
time, Latinos became the deciding factor in a presidential election,
returning Obama to office for four more years.
The fact is that we are at the dawn of a new reality in America. This
new reality is reflected in the way we look, the foods we eat, and even
the way we dance. For some, the recognition of the increasing role
minorities are starting to play in America today is long overdue. For
others, however, this new multicultural America is very scary. When
you hear them talk on the radio or on TV, saying that the best days of
America are behind us because—for them—a future in which the hege-
mony of white, Anglo-Saxon men is over makes them cringe.
That fear, not surprisingly, is promulgated through disinformation
about the state of our country by disingenuous politicians and conser-
vative talk radio and television show hosts and then disseminated even
further by other media outlets that care more about ratings and filling