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NL 5
Color Fusion
1a) 1 oz. 10N + 1 oz. 20 vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer.
1b) 1 oz. 12N + 1 oz. 30 vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer.
Process for 35-40 min. at room temp.
Start in the front and move toward the back, taking soft diagonal partings and weaving out a medium amount of ˝fettuccini-sized” pieces.
Alternate formulas 1a and 1b as you bricklay each foil, leaving ¼ to ½ inch of hair between the foils. The entire head can be completed with
30 to 40 foils.
NL 5-6
Color Fusion Extra Lift
Shades EQ Gloss
1) 1 oz. EL-LN + 2 oz. 40 vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer.
Process for 35-45 min. at room temp.
2) ¾ oz. 09N + ¾ oz. 09NB + ½ oz. 09G + 2 oz. Shades EQ
Processing Solution.
3) See tips for timing/procedures.
Sand dune
with soft taupe
1) Place a maximum of 40 foils throughout all the hair, mainly placing them around the face, then randomly throughout the sides and top.
2) With 25 min. remaining, apply formula 2 between the foils—on zone 1 first, then on zones 2 and 3. Process for up to 20
room temp.
3) Place the remaining foils (10-12) in the nape and back perimeter. Also add a few wide, upward-moving foils on the back of the head
(instead of “foils upwards-moving”).
NL 5-7 (Virgin Hair.)
Color Fusion Extra Lift
1a) EL-V (1:2) + 40 vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer.
1b) EL-B (1:2) + 40 vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer.
blonde mélange
1) Mix both formulas at the same time, but keep them in two separate bowls and use two separate applicator brushes. Alternate between
1a and 1b. Begin on the top/high part of the crown, isolate “fettuccini-sized” or medium-woven sections and place them on foil. To avoid
“hot spots” or bleed marks, don’t get too close to the edge of the foil.
2) Wrap the first foil and clip it straight up. Then take ¼ to ½ inch of hair that will remain between foils and clip it to the foil.
3) Continue until most of the top is completed.
4) Finish the front sides by taking soft, backward-directed diagonals and placing 3-4 foils on both sides.
5) To create a beautiful blend from front to back, take a sub-section of a V-shape to cover about 3-4 inches of the hair, falling down over the
crown. Place your foils in the same manner as you did on the top and sides.
6) Set a timer for 35 min. and process at room temp.