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• For 4 ounces or less in the total formula (for example, 1½ ounces of color plus 1½ ounces of
developer), I prefer a bowl-and-brush application for minimal waste. For more than 4 ounces,
use an applicator bottle because there’s enough product to avoid having it stick to the sides
of the bottle.
• Have fun with
Formula Boss!
If a given formula is a single shade away from a client’s current
formula, use the
Formula Boss
suggestion to create a slight change and keep her excited
about her color. Sometimes, adding a small amount of a new shade or changing the tonal
value makes all the difference in the end result. Most women notice the subtle changes in their
haircolor immediately, so discuss your intended results before you act.
• Keep in mind that color consultations and conversations should romance the results with
visuals. Clients think of haircolor in terms of image-evocative words, such as chocolate fudge
and champagne blonde. In the
Formula Boss
“Results” column, I often use food references
or ones from nature to express the flavor or feeling of a shade, and you should, too. These
words add a sense of excitement.
Formula Boss
often refers to my “Pasta” method which is based on isolating flat pieces of
hair from narrow to wide. When you weave, you create noticeable peaks and valleys. They
produce a very precise highlight. Depending on the hair’s texture and the depth of the valley,
you may not be able to get the foil as close to the root area as you want. When slicing, you
create a solid panel that’s strong and obvious. Be careful with this technique on fine hair.
The foil could slip or the results could be too stripey. Unlike weaving and slicing, which
produce predictable highlights, my Pasta method uses skimming to pick up pieces of
varied sizes. The result is more interesting and less contrived. I use familiar types of pasta
like lasagna, fettuccini and angel hair to communicate the size and width of the highlight
I plan to create.
I hope that
Formula Boss
helps make your day easier, your coloring more exciting and
your formula selections perfectly customized for the client in your chair. Until next time
we meet—Happy Coloring!