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I would like to acknowledge two photographers
who have influenced me from the first moment
I saw their work:
Robert Glenn Ketchum, through his photographs
and his writing, inspired me to focus on photo-
graphing landscapes, and also introduced me to
the idea that they did not necessarily need to be
natural landscapes:
We have become a nation of people who
often travel great distances to have an
intimate experience with the natural
world while driving right by an equally
important part of that natural world
that is entirely overlooked.
—Robert Glenn Ketchum,
Overlooked in America
, 1991
Stephen Shore’s work in small towns in
particular has been a major inspiration to me
in the way that he defines a sense of space, and
captures a mood and a moment in time.
 Photographers are illusionists: The image we
present is an edited reality. The viewer sees only
what we have decided to show you.
  This book’s genesis was a project I com-
pleted for the O’Connell Organization in 2011. was constructed
around a mix of my new and archival images of
Red Hook and the O’Connells’ commercial
buildings. This family-run business owns many
properties in the Red Hook area, and for years
has been restoring historically significant
buildings, creating a healthy environment for
creative businesses. Their redevelopment of
these properties is a prime example of how to
achieve sensible real estate development in
Brooklyn. I owe the entire family a huge debt of
gratitude, none more so than Greg Jr., whose
appreciation of my photos led to a great looking
website . . . and also this book.
. . . an image: an illusion of a window on to the world.
—Stephen Shore,
The Nature of Photographs
, 2007
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