Page 10 - Images of Red Hook, Brooklyn

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Jerry Armer, neighborhood resident
Ralphie Balzano, longtime Red Hook resident
Bob Biondi, woodworker and carpenter
who has worked in Red Hook for more
than 30 years
Rudy Blay, local bassist
Kris Boyd, schoolteacher and mother
of Lily Boyd
Lily Boyd, cutest 7-year-old in Red Hook
John Burkhard, local historian
Dean Caselnova, owner and chef of
Caselnova restaurant
Duff, site supervisor for the Gowanus Canal
flushing tunnel remediation project
Jill Eisenhard, founder of Red Hook Initiative,
a community center in Red Hook, Brooklyn
working to confront the consequences of
intergenerational poverty through education,
employment, and health programming
Alyce Erdekian, a cookin’ Brooklyn girl from
George Fiala, publisher of
The Red Hook Star
and owner of Select Mail
Tom Gogola, former Brooklynite and editor,
writer and journalist
Ray Hall, Security supervisor of O’Connell
Naiyma Holmes, office assistant at Red Hook
Bob Hughes, owner of Hughes Marine and
manager of Erie Basin Bargeport
Stan Kosakowski, sprinkler fitter for the
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Jamie Mandel, bartender at B61
Jim Mason, author of
Positively No Dancing
Rob McBride, local carpenter and woodworker
Brian McCormick, co-founder of the Brooklyn
Greenway Initiative
Sal Meglio, bartender at VFW Post
Vince Musaccia, local illustrator and drummer
Greg O’Connell Jr., CFO of the O’Connell
Possum and Nicky “Neck” Oliveri, longtime
residents of South Brooklyn
Jeremy Pickett, owner, Pickett Furniture
Ricky Santana, tutor at Red Hook Initiative
Susan Scharbach, longtime resident
Sandy Serrano, longtime Red Hook resident
John Siciliani, philosopher, beer drinker and
solar power advocate
David Sharps, operator of waterfront barge
Shaniqua Smith, lifelong resident
Sophia Smith-Golub, 8, lifelong resident of
Red Hook
Ariel Smith-Golub, 4¾ years old
Joel Shiffler, Penner Shifflet
Collaborative Architects
Steve Tarpin, a.k.a. Key Lime Steve
Daniel Tobin, poet and author of
The Narrows
Justin Tyler, comedian, bartender and
part-time prospector
Mike Webster, local woodworker
Lynette Wiley, co-owner of Jalopy Theater
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