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I Remember When
with wet hair reflected the pure joy of mucking about
in red , muddy water. D.P. went into in the water chest
deep, awhile Winnie stayed in the shallows with the
younger children.
Then someone noticed that dark clouds were be-
ginning to form on the horizon and rumblings of thun-
der began. Small flashes of lightening lit up the sky and
most people left the water, wrapped, themselves quickly
in towels, jumped into cars and went home.
For some reason D.P. had hidden the keys to the
car under a rock on the river bed. He told Dan to go
get the keys, He probably wanted to go to the car for a
cigar, He liked to chew them. Dan didn’t want to leave
the game he was playing, but reluctantly left and found
the keys. Going back to D.P., Dan got to within about
20 feet, and threw the keys to him. Needless to say he
wasn’t even looking. Big trouble. Frantically the whole
bunch of kids was crawling around in this river trying
to find the keys. Luckily they were found and no one
was struck by lightning. Several versions of this episode
were told with different pitchers and varying degrees of
drama. Like other stories I heard long after the incidents
had occurred—long before I was born—the tales have
kept their power over me. The Bridee Wafford anecdote
is an example of this.