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During the great depression, there wasn’t a lot of money
for entertainment. Most people were just glad to have
food and shelter. They had to entertain themselves. D.P.
and Winnie were in the same boat as everyone else and
for fun they hosted family gatherings with storytelling,
singing, playing the piano and guitar. Sometimes on a
hot summer Sunday afternoon, they would pack a pic-
nic, put on their swimsuits, and drive out to the Yadkin
River where there were some shallow, sandy-bottomed
pools perfect for a cooling dip. Weeping willows grew
along the banks of this muddy, lazy river, creating per-
fects spots for picnics and naps on quilts spread out in
their shade.
On one of these hot days, D.P. and Winnie headed
out to the river with Barbara Ann. Buddy and some of
the neighborhood children. When they pulled up to the
river bank in their black Ford, they saw a big crowd al-
ready in the water. There were lots of children giving
off the ear splitting squeals children make when added
to water. Little faces, smeared with red mud and framed