Page 23 - I Remember When

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The Great Depression was always with us, even after
a certain amount of affluence should have erased all
memory of those troubled times. The house I grew up
in was a constant reminder of how hard it had been to
make a living and the sacrifices everyone had to make.
When D.P. and Winnie were first married, being
poor, they rented part of a big white house that had
once been grand, in Old Salem—but with changing
times it had been divided for two families. They shared
the house with Winnie’s half brother John and his wife
Lou. My brother Dan ( let’s call him Buddy here), was
born when they lived there as was my cousin Buck.
Now I realize Buck must have had a real name, but no
one ever told me. At some point, Aunt Lou had another
baby named Bob. Buddy and Buck were supposed to
watch after Bob, but sometimes were in the business of
torturing him instead. One day, while playing outside,
Bob was being particularly annoying. Buck and Buddy
discovered a secret door in the floor of the old barn in
their back yard.