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D.P. and Winnie  11
satin and became invisible. I still have that quilt, packed
away carefully in a case with other fabric treasures.
Even though she would have been working all
week at
The Warehouse
, cooking dinner when she got
home, washing up, doing various chores while D.P. read
the paper, when he requested coffee and dessert, she
didn’t complain. I decided I didn’t want to follow in her
footsteps and end up doing all the dirty work.
Once we were at the Lee Memorial Presbyterian
Church after services, waiting for D.P. to pick us up. He
was at Sunday services as well, but he and Winnie never
sat together. He preferred the back pews often because
he was an usher and Winnie preferred the front seats.
I sat with Winnie, getting my share of pinches when I
wriggled too much or made some smart comment. Win-
nie seemed to feel always a certain amount of anxiety
because she never knew what D.P. would do next. He
was completely happy to invite guests to lunch or din-
ner without checking with Winnie to see if she was pre-
pared for such entertaining. Or he would be so busy
with his own projects or thoughts that he might forget
where he had left one of us. More times than one, Win-
nie and I would be left standing on the street outside the
Lee Memorial Presbyterian Church after services.
One particular Sunday, we stood on the curb wait-
ing for D.P. Winniewas embarrassed to be standing there
waiting and wrung her hands in distress. She wondered
aloud what people were going to think, if D.P. didn’t
show up soon. Several neighbors stopped and asked us
if we needed a ride, and Winnie said “Oh, no, Mac is just
around the corner.” Telling a lie just outside the church
felt wrong to me, but Winnie couldn’t handle the shame