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I Remember When
preferred the dog to him, and he would give Trixie a
little kick when he thought no one was looking.
Once, Winnie left Trixie and D.P. home alone and
took me with her to see Barbara Ann’s new baby. I was
about fourteen at the time, and babies were of no inter-
est to me. So I persuaded Winnie to let me come back
early because I had so much school work to attend to.
This was over the Christmas Holidays and I really want-
ed to get back to go to a New Year’s Party that Winnie
would never let me attend. But I knew that D.P. would be
completely oblivious to my whereabouts.
So, I got home, ran around to the back of our house
to let myself in through the always-unlocked back porch
door. The minute I put foot on the porch, I knew some-
thing was amiss. A large, unfamiliar stew pot—a caul-
dron really—loomed there on the porch shelf. A strange,
sweet, unpleasant odor filled the air. Sniffing appre-
hensively, I moved toward the pot. I lifted the lid, and
peered in.
“Oh, my gosh,” I gulped. A ghastly head swam in
a sea of congealing fat and brackish liquid. “Trixie!” I
screamed. “He’s killed Trixie and eaten everything but
her head.”
I rannextdoor tomyGrandmaLottie’shousetobreak
the bad news. HowwasWinnie ever going to forgive her-
self when she found out that not onlywas Trixie dead, but
because of her neglect D.P. had turned into a cannibal.My
dramatic announcementwasmetwithgreatmirth in that
house. It turned out that D.P. was merely indulging in a
disgustingholidaymeal of pigparts and the headwas too
revolting even for him. So he had left it on the back porch
hoping it would somehowdisappear.