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Legend has it that back in the
old days in Scotland,
the McInnis clan was being attacked by the Vikings.
Chief of McInnis sought Somerled a famous and skilled
warrior, for his aid. Somerled agreed to help him if he
would follow his directions completely. Somerled told
McInnis to kill and skin a herd of longhaired highland
cattle, and to then march their normally kilt-clad fight-
ers in plain sight of the invading Vikings. Next they
were to dress in the cowhides with the long hair turned
outwards and march again before their enemies; then a
third time they were to march in front of the Vikings,
but this time wearing the hides turned skin side out.
The McInnis men followed his advice. The Vikings were
fooled into thinking that McInnis had three times their
actual fighting strength. The Vikings turned and fled
the “overwhelming numbers.”
My family continued this kind of deception by us-
ing several names for each one of us. Thus we seemed
more numerous than we actually were. For instance my
father was Daniel Paul, but Winnie called him
. His