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I discovered that my sons, Spencer and Morgan, were the best judges of
what stories were funny, what was disturbing, and what was profoundly
sad. I hope that I taught them a little bit about the world.
Thank you to my wife Jean for her patience and support in more
ways than I can count. Thank you to my parents Jim and Mary Alice and
brother John, who always have my back.
Thank you to the teachers and professors who made all the difference:
Gordon Shay, Paul Poore, Anthony Skrokie, and Charles Luther.
A cheerful S.A.C.B.O.R.G. salute to those who provoked this col-
lection. Those of you who owned early Buells understood and tolerated
being an unwilling research and development department.
I’d like to thank my friends and associates for their encouragement. I
wouldn’t have attempted this if they hadn’t dragged me along and taught
me courage. Fred Reuss, a damn fine novelist, was instrumental in get-
ting me motivated; along with such characters as Choptop, The Super-
model, Vik, Lars, Ray, Wyldrose, Big Gun, Old Weird Bob, Acidburn,
the readers of the Perpetual Discussion, regulars at The Brick Oven,
Todd, Mike, Peggy, Charlotte, Andy, Melody and Kimberly. There were
many more. I needed a lot of help before I was able to jump out of the
A huge thanks to Public Defenders everywhere. You are unsung, un-
thanked, underappreciated, overworked, underpaid, stressed out, misun-
derstood; and you come back and do it again the next day. Why? Because
it’s the right thing to do, and if not you then who. The fact that you can
still laugh means that there is hope for humanity. The fact that you can
express hope is a signal of divine presence.
David A. Brooks