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Veteran Public DefenderWrites Quirky Bedtime Stories
Foresthill bears a subtitle calling it a “Bedtime Reader,” but it doesn’t
have the usual assortment of fairies, princes, and ogres.
Its stories are instead populated by a transvestite prostitute, a nar-
coleptic monster truck driver who backs over a squad car, Alzheimer’s
patients who get naughty and an assortment of dimwitted criminals.
As Brooks says “I’m dealing with people frequently having the worst
moments of their lives.” The job provides and ample supply of material
for the book. Most of the tales engender chuckles, but a few reveal a soft
heart behind the dark humor.
These stories reflect what Brooks calls the “collateral damage” or
“routine trauma” of the justice system.
“I like to think of David in the Mark Twain category” said Fred-
erick Reuss, the acclaimed novelist. “His humor is original and very
Carlos Alcala
Sacramento Bee