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Louisa Roberts has been an artist practically all her life.
Growing up in an artistic family, her parents encouraged her to
starting drawing from a very early age. As a young girl, she was
always fascinated by illustrations in the children’s books she read
and would spend hours tracing them and making drawings of her
own. She later attended University in San Francisco majoring in fine
art. Inspired by the golden age of illustration, Louisa uses pen and ink
with watercolor to create her illustrations.
Sarah Canfield aka
Emerald Starlight
is an author in the Chocolate
Sauce book boutique; a company dedicated to developing
spiritually oriented wellness media for children.
Sarah Canfield became a yoga teacher in 2001 to help others find
the same bliss that she found in this sacred practice. Her first yoga
teacher was her mother who inspired the creation of this book. The
love that Sarah has for both yoga and writing shines through her
teachings to all ages of yogis. All of her amazing teachers in yoga,
meditation, and dharma have radically transformed her heart and
for that she is forever grateful.