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Introducing the 111 tips
Hi, this is Sam Cawthorn and you’re looking at the first in my 111 tips to Bounce Forward in Life.
Now, you could be reading this book for any number of reasons – there are so many possibilities
that I would never be able to list them all; maybe you want to move forward in your life and you’re
not sure how, or perhaps a friend gave my book to you as a present. It could even be that you’re
standing in the bookshop right now and you’re just browsing, either way keep reading!
As you progress through this collection of tips we’ll discuss the many reasons why people can
get stuck in life and I’ll show you some ways to overcome them. Along the way I’ll help by sharing
some of my experiences with you.
I’ve broken the tips down into a number of sections, each addressing a particular aspect to do
with Bouncing Forward. Our first section is going to tell you just what the Bounce Theory is and
how it works and then I’ll start preparing you to change your life.
Each of my tips comes with a challenge; a task from me for you to complete. These challenges
are to help you really appreciate the tip and to get you thinking about what
I’m telling you.
That’s enough for now...