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Press forward to what lies ahead
Now I’ve already said a little bit about this but I think it’s worth repeating: we want to
press forward in our lives. We want to move on, to bounce forward.
Just since you started this book you’ve come a long way already. Think about what you’ve
accomplished so far – you’ve learned to release yourself and to free yourself from all the clutter
that used to trap you but there’s still a long way to go. We need to continue to move forward, we
need to continue to press forward to what lies ahead. Although we can hold on to yesterday, to
last week, to last month, to last year, although we can fixate on what has passed, we shouldn’t.
We can’t live there any more, the past is gone. Isn’t it much better to look to the future?
I’ve already lived through my past; I know what happens there – the big adventure is in seeing
what will happen tomorrow; tomorrow is yet to be written. Tomorrow is yet to be created. It’s
exciting; I want to bounce forward, to live for the now and to move towards the things still to
It might not be easy – sometimes it can be hard to move forward. Even when we’ve cleared our
minds, and we’ve removed the disruptive elements from our past, we can still find it difficult to push
onwards – but we need to do it. Do you want to know why I’m so keen to reach the future? It’s
because the future is a better place – it’s a place that we build with our hard work and we all work
really hard to make the best future that we can. I really want to be there. You should too. When we
get to the future things will be so much better.