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Know where you are going
I know exactly who I am; I know exactly where I’ve come from and how I got here – and I know
where I’m going too. That’s an essential part of moving onwards – if you don’t know where you
are going... how are you going to get there?
Now, I’m not suggesting that you should plan your life out and know that tomorrow you’re going
shopping for clothes, and Monday you’ll be cleaning the house before you go on holiday the
following Wednesday. No, what I’m suggesting is that in order to progress with your life you need
to think about where you want to end up. If you’re a student, what do you want to do after you
graduate? If you work for a company, what position do you want to be in in ten years’ time? Any
one of us can reach our goals; we can all achieve our dreams – but to do that we need to know
what they are. We need to know where we want to end up so that we can work out the best
way to get there.
Think of your life as a journey; if you set off in your car and you don’t know where your destination
is then you’re going to get lost. It doesn’t matter how well you know your way around, if you don’t
know where it is that you want to end up then you’ll never get there. Once you set your end-point
then you can work out how to get there. That’s a huge step in being able to bounce forwards in
your life.